And some original stuff too. How about that!

February 12th 299

It’s That time again. That time Jones posts a bunch of doodles gathered over the course of a few months. Take them. Please.

February 12th 426

I LOVE PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ everybody watch steven universe yeah yeah yeah!

November 5th 932

i’ve been HECKS OF WORLDS of busy these past few months, but i still find time to doodle now and again. usually i just end up drawing bridgitte and saul because ummM who doesnt love evil power couples :)

this one in particular was a lil b-day gift for my lovely friend ^o^

October 22nd 62

a few choice doodles from over the course of a couple months. as you can see i just like to draw clothes *q*

September 29th 480

a collection of dummmmmb shit totally cool stuff i’ve doodled in the past month or so YEAH those are flower crowns, you want to FIGHT ABOUT IT…

July 14th 384

a bunch of doodles!!

May 4th 194

A little while back, Esa, Star and I played a game of Mansions of Madness with George as the Keeper/DM-guy. With the characters we picked, we subsequently dubbed them after Problem Sleuth, Hysterical Dame, and Nervous Broad…and then proceeded to actually roleplay them throughout the rest of the game.

LO’ AND BEHOLD, Problem Sleuth stumbled upon a CROWBAR, then proceeded to delude himself into believing he was Crowbar, and brutally murdered Hysterical Dame in order to win the game. I’m so sorry, HD.

Andrew heard about this from George, so we all drew him a picture to commemorate this weird roleplay-y arkham horror board game event. (I drew Sleuth :>)

April 30th 167

i like to draw clothes a lot!!!!!! i just want to draw people wearing nice things always!!!

April 28th 54

anyone who knows me, knows that i love the felt (CROWBAR), and that this latest homestuck update was like an early birthday present (THEY’RE FROGS!!!). :> :> so here’s some shameless fanart.

April 1st 121

ehhh, why not. Here’s some more art. *puts on sunglasses, walks away into the sunset oh wait its midday*

March 29th 196

i like to just stealth-bomb some art in the middle of the night and then run away

March 29th 149

wanted to draw something fashionable ;o

man tumblr photoset layouts are so bad lookin

March 29th 132

Feelin’ A Lot Like This Lately

January 18th 285